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The IT Department aims to provide the IE community with a secure, robust and advanced technology for the working environment, which allows students, faculty and staff to carry out their work efficiently, contributing to IE’s commitment to innovation.

Success cases

IE and Microsoft connect entrepreneurs from Israel with the EU and Latam markets at IE Venture Day Israel

"IE Venture Day Israel provides a unique opportunity for Israeli entrepreneurs to get closer to the EU and Latin American markets," according to Juan José Güemes (IE Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation).


IE renews its IT infrastructure with Anadat Consulting

Anadat Consulting has successfully renewed IE's IT infrastructure by replacing the virtualization platform and updating the VMware environment.


IE Business School improves the quality of its website

Faced with the challenge of IE to reduce access times to our websites and improve content availability, Akamai responds perfectly to these needs, also achieving content localization for each country.


IE Business School accelerates its website by 30% with Akamai technology

IE has selected the Akamai Technologies platform to acquire greater dynamic web acceleration capability to streamline its website internationally and improve the user experience.


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Velázquez IT Support

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MM31 Bis IT Support

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