Users & accounts Student/Alumni

Our students will be given a personal username and password to make use of all the technological services offered by IE.

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Virtual desktops are workstations and centralized applications that are distributed, on demand, for users’ personal computers. It is used for specific classes and to access specific software like SPSS, MATLAB, etc. It can be accessed from personal laptops connected to Internet, both from inside and outside of IE facilities.

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IE Campus Student

All the information to improve the experience with IE Campus and take advantage of all its features.

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Carlos Garriga on hybrid learning

Carlos Garriga, Chief Information Officer at IE University, participates in an international conference organized by European EdTech Network (EETN).


Carlos Garriga, full member of the BCD Association

We are very pleased to share with you that our CIO, Carlos Garriga, on behalf of IE University, has been appointed as a full member of the Business School Computing Directors (BCD) Association.


IT: Contact

Contact Servicedesk
MM4 IT Support

María de Molina 4

Ground floor, 28006

+34 915 689 623

MM31 IT Support

María de Molina 31

3rd floor, 28006

+34 915 689 623

Velázquez IT Support

Velázquez 130

5th floor, 28006

+34 915 689 623

Madrid y Segovia
MM31 Bis IT Support

María de Molina 31 Bis

3rd floor, 28006

+34 915 689 623


Castellón de la Plana 8

4th floor, 28006

+34 915 689 623

University IT Support

Cardenal Zúñiga 12 (Segovia)

4th floor, 40003

+34 921 415 315