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What is this service?

When they enroll, students will be given a personal username and password to make use of all the technological services offered by IE: Email, Internet, classrooms connections, etc.

how to get the service

A few days before the master begins, the program management will send the necessary instructions to create the username and password.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my user?

A couple of days before the program begins, the student will receive an email with the necessary instructions to create their user and password.

Can I change my user and password?

Once the user is created, it can no longer be modified. However, the password can be changed whenever it is necessary.

Is there a password policy?

The password must meet certain security requirements: It should consist of 8 characters and it should include numbers, letters and at least one capital letter.

What should I do if I change my password or wish to change it?

By accessing this link, you can change the password in case you forget it or for security reasons.

Once I finish my program, does my user change?

The username will remain the same once you become alumni, but the email domain will change from “” to “”. This also apply if you decide to join another program at IE in the future.