Commercial and Engagement


We are the ambassador between the IT Department and other business Departments. We serve as the strategic interface with assigned business units or functional areas for the purpose of developing business technology strategy, discover solutions,provide service management, and relationship management.



We work closely with the commercial, admissions, marketing, financial aid, alumni, careers, sustainability, communications and campus life teams while maintaining strong relationships with multiple IT stakeholders ensuring the utmost customer service, therefore understanding both sides of the coin.



We partner with business leadership and other key stakeholders to define opportunities and identify and prioritize projects based on predefined criteria (e.g. return on investment, productivity, compliance).  We hold regular meetings with our stakeholders to understand the specific goals of the overall business and individual departments. We will then translate those needs into technology requirements for IT development. Manage the projects’ portfolio to enable mutual prioritization of business demand. Coach business leaders and help them articulate their role’s requirements and needs that will enhance business performance. Participate in technology projects and initiatives After a new technology is successfully delivered, we ensuring that end users understand how to use these new tools and resolve any issues they may encounter. Another important task is to relay any feedback to technology teams.


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