Work Room Connections

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In the MM31 and MM31b buildings we have installed touchscreens connected to desktop computers. This allows the professor to give more active presentations and through the “Blackboard” program it allows you to use them as interactive whiteboards.

In the MM31b building, by APP “TDlink” will permit the student to follow the class session from their personal devices and interact with the professor and the classroom screen, if necessary (please note it still does not work in Mac laptops).

how to get the service

At the moment of the admission, the student will be provided with a user which, among other things, will provide access to this service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the Projection System BlackBoard?

To know all the details on the correct use of the Projection System, we recommend you the following user guide:

How can I configure correctly the Sharp screens in MM 31?

Use of the Projection System in MM31

How can I correctly use the Sharp system in MM 31?

We recommend you to watch the following video tutorial.

How can I connect and synchronize my computer with the classroom computer?

In the following video tutorial you will find all the details regarding the connection and synchronization of the personal laptops with the classroom computer: